About Us

Corporate History

Baby Blanket Suncare, a division of the Children's Healthcare Research Group, has been researching, developing and manufacturing the world's best sunscreens for babies and children since 1999. Under the consultation of Dr. Rober Sayre, co-developer of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) system, and President James Mercer with 20 years experience in the marketing and technology of suncare, Baby Blanket and the Children's Healthcare Research Group has a history of producing the most innovative and quality sunscreens, made especially for babies and children, and offering these sunscreens in a variety of unique application methods such as our Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick SPF45+ and SunBlankie Sunscreen Towelette SPF45+; two innovations that Baby Blanket was first to introduce and bring to market in the baby suncare segment.

Baby Blanket was the first suncare company to use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide formulas in the baby suncare market, and was also the first to develop a 'Tender Scalps' sunscreen and a 'faces'sunscreen made especially for a baby's tender scalp and delicate face.

Baby Blanket was also the first to introduce the Sunscreen Stick, Sunscreen Towelette and Sun Protector sunglasses to the baby suncare market. Recognizing the need for bilingual packaging, Baby Blanket was the first in the baby suncare market to clearly label all its products with bilingual packaging.

In 2005 Baby Blanket introduced its new line of Kids sunscreens.